A group of 11 of us flew to Jacksonville to have dinner at the restaurant on May 22. The food and service were excellent. We are especially appreciative for the great assistance in helping us get back to the airport when the taxi companies failed us. We all had a good time and will be back.

-Jim Deaton

When my husband and I visit our daughter’s family in Jacksonville; Mike’s Farm is a MUST visit, also. The food is great. The store is nice, too. You did a good job at creating a warm, inviting business. My son-in-law will soon be getting out of the Marines and they will move back home (Indiana). I will sorely miss going to Mike’s Farm. If I hear of people traveling to your area, I will recommend your business. Thank you for good memories.

-Diana Truitt

My husband and I went to Mike’s Farm for the Christmas lights with a group from church. We had been looking everywhere for a good place to go and Mike Farm did NOT disappoint! First we had dinner at the restaurant and I swear I could have eaten my weight in their Mac-N-Cheese! I have tried to replicate it many times since eating there last and I can’t get close! Can I get the recipe, please?!?! Then we went on to see the lights which were just absolutely wonderful! I haven’t seen such a great display of lights since moving to NC from California:) Keep it up!


I was at your restaurant about two years ago and the food was amazing! I am not a big mac-n-cheese fan, but your recipe changed my mind. I have been searching for somewhere here that serves it like you do there, but to no avail. Is there any way I could get the recipe that you use? I keep bragging on it here in Indy, but no one believes me how tasty it is! Improvements: I didn’t see anything that could be improved. There was a large crowd when we got there, but the lines moved through very quickly and the staff was beyond polite and cordial. You have an amazing place there; never let it go!

-Jimmy Greeson

Our daughter has talked about your place forever and tonight we were blessed to be your guest tonight. It was raining but it did not dampen anyone’s Christmas joyous spirit, even the driver was more than courteous on our embarkment. we were all wet but it didn’t matter and then we were treated to the best meal and we had a very large group and treated the best by the wait staff…we are humbled by what you have done and how we were treated!!

-Jerry Gray

I received my ONLY Christmas wish last night. I wanted to have our children and grandchildren to go with us to see the Christmas lights and have a meal there. They have never been there before, they worked out their schedules so we could ALL be together for a WONDERFUL night of GREAT FOOD and BEAUTIFUL LIGHTS. Even with the misting rain we have a great time. Thank You so much, something we will talking about forever!

-Nora Dove